The Basically Burger

A great burger is not about a fancy brioche bun or homemade ketchup. It’s about achieving the ideal proportion of juicy, cheese-cloaked beef, sharp onion, crunchy lettuce, and sweet-tangy “special sauce,” wrapped in a soft toasted bun. This one nails it.


  1. Divide beef into 4 equal pieces. Using both hands, work meat into smooth spheres, compacting very lightly.

  2. Place a large sheet of parchment paper, plastic wrap, or foil on your work surface. Place balls on top, spacing evenly. Place another piece of parchment (or whatever you’re using) over and press down to flatten each ball into a patty 5" in diameter.

  3. Peel back top sheet and use your fingertips to press a shallow, 2"-wide depression into the center of each patty. The meat will contract and push up in the center as the patties cook; making this little divot helps to keep the burgers flat.

  4. Season meat generously with salt. Drizzle patties with 1 Tbsp. oil, dividing evenly.

  5. Gently flip patties on parchment and season the other side with salt. Drizzle with remaining 1 Tbsp. oil.

  6. Using the back of a spoon, spread 2 Tbsp. mayonnaise over both cut sides of all buns, dividing evenly and spreading all around.

  7. Heat a large skillet over medium-low and cook half of buns, mayonnaise side down, until golden and crisp around the edges, 2–3 minutes. Transfer to a plate and cook remaining buns; set them aside and increase heat to medium-high.

  8. Peel 2 patties off of parchment paper and press down gently into skillet, spacing evenly apart. Cook, without any touching or fussing, until edges are browned and you can see juices pooling in the center of patties, about 5 minutes.

  9. Slide a thin metal spatula, preferably a flexible one like a fish spatula, underneath patties and flip them over.

  10. Place a slice of cheese over each patty, reduce heat to medium-low, and cover skillet. Cook until cheese is melted, about 1 minute.

  11. Transfer patties to a plate. Let rest about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, wipe out skillet with paper towel and repeat cooking process with remaining patties.

  12. While burgers are resting, make your secret sauce. Stir ketchup, relish, hot sauce, and remaining ½ cup mayonnaise in a small bowl to combine, then season generously with salt and pepper.

  13. Start to build your burger. Stack 2–3 pieces of lettuce on bottom halves of buns. Place several slices of onion on top of lettuce.

  14. Smear a couple of tablespoons of secret sauce on top halves of buns.

  15. Place burgers on top of onions, close burgers with top bun, and serve!

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Basically Burger

Reviews SectionAnonymousManila, Philippines03/11/20Enjoyed these burgers. First time making diner-style burgers from start to finish. Great Sunday night/Monday night meal. Served with "Basically" oven-baked fries and red wine.AnonymousDallas, Texas08/29/19Really delicious, juicy burger recipe. Would have hoped for a better cheese choice from BA, I subbed Muenster for American, which has the same melty quality without the highly processed, fake cheese flavor you get from American. I will say the amount of sauce this recipe yields is way too much for 4 burgers, but it is a good sauce, so I kept it in a jar and am saving it to dip fries in.AnonymousGroningen, NL06/12/19I made 12 burgers so multiplied recipe by 3 (although special sauce for 1 recipe would be enough). Served at block party and they went pretty quickly. Got great reviews. After making them once I might try to add a little something to the meat to give it some more flavor but that’s a small critique. It’s a very good recipe and I learned a lot about making burgers.aspiegelSanta Monica, CA09/08/18Omg.. Proper dressing of a burger demands that lettuce and onions be on separate sides of the meat. Pickles with the onions on the cheese side,tomato with the lettuce. Mayo with tomato, mustard with friends and family went totally wild for this burger thingJamie EversBrooklyn08/29/17the best and easiest burger to make!bbryantMontclair, NJ07/31/17

The New and Improved Impossible Burger Will Basically Change Your Life

The Impossible Burger is well integrated into mainstream American dining culture, earning a permanent placement on menus of drive-thrus, fast-casual chains, and fine-dining restaurants. It first debuted in 2016 at the prestigious Momofuku Nishi restaurant in New York City, and has since attracted a wide popularity with its rollout to fast-food and fast-casual concepts pretty much everywhere, including White Castle and Umami Burger. Despite this rapid distribution and success, Impossible is hellbent on doing the impossible: making the eponymous burger even better. Guided by customer feedback, the startup company developed the much-anticipated Impossible Burger 2.0, which promises significant upgrades to the &ldquobleeding&rdquo patty&rsquos texture and chew, an enhanced nutritional profile, and a completely gluten-free ingredient list. If you&rsquore a burger-lover and you&rsquore intrigued by these latest efforts, read on for all you need to know to make the impossible possible.

Introducing Impossible 2.0
After listening to its esteemed chefs and restaurant partners, as well as everyday customers, Impossible Foods realized there was room for improvement. Rachel Konrad, Impossible Foods&rsquo chief communications officer, explained to VegNews, &ldquoWe decided to get started on the 2.0 project in early 2018, making key improvements in taste, texture, and nutrition.&rdquo A team of dedicated scientists worked diligently throughout 2018 to produce the new and improved version of the burger in record time. Konrad assured VegNews that the 2.0 product underwent rigorous tasting and &ldquolikability&rdquo tests by over 1,500 vegans and omnivores in addition to the nearly 100 internal taste tests by Impossible&rsquos own flavor scientists and sensory experts. &ldquoIn these sensory tests,&rdquo Konrad said, &ldquothe all-new Impossible Burger&rsquos &lsquolikeability&rsquo rivals that of conventional burgers from cows.&rdquo

Let&rsquos talk nutrition
According to Konrad, the Impossible Burger 2.0 has a savorier taste, meatier char, and an improved aroma in comparison to the company&rsquos original patty. Beyond this, Impossible Foods also focused on improving the burger&rsquos nutritional profile, switching from wheat protein to soy protein in order to satisfy gluten-free and gluten-sensitive consumers. This switch, says Konrad, infuses the patty with &ldquohigher-quality protein,&rdquo as soy is considered a &ldquocomplete protein&rdquo with nine essential amino acids. Further, the new recipe slashed the saturated fat of the original patty by 40 percent and sodium by 30 percent. In comparison to ground beef from cows, the new burger now contains an equal amount of bioavailable iron and protein, but without the cholesterol or trans fat of its animal-based equivalent. By the numbers, the quarter-pound Impossible Burger 2.0 contains 14 grams of total fat and 240 calories. A quarter-pound conventional &ldquo80/20&rdquo patty from cows contains 80 milligrams of cholesterol, 23 grams of total fat, and 290 calories.

Where can I get it?
The Impossible Burger 2.0 was first released to some of America’s most influential chefs such as Traci Des Jardins, Chris Cosentino, and Michael Symon on January 8, 2019. Just one week later, the new burger launched in 200 American restaurants. Currently, more than 5,000 dining establishments in the US and over 100 Asian restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau sell the original Impossible Burger. By mid-March, Impossible Foods estimates that all of these venues will carry the new product. National chains such as Umami Burger, White Castle, The Counter, and others already have the 2.0 burger in stock. Local, independently owned restaurants have also made the switch. To see if your favorite restaurant or brewery has updated its stock, visit the Impossible Foods&rsquo location finder. Want to grill up some Impossible Burgers at home? Keep an eye out when grocery shopping these patties are set to hit the supermarket shelves later this year.

Jarone Ashkenazi is a freelance writer who has been vegan since January 2013 and covers travel, food, and luxury items.

Photo courtesy of Impossible Foods

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Gordon Ramsay shared a new burger recipe, but fans think it's way too big to eat

Gordon Ramsay shared a new burger recipe for the long weekend, but his followers aren't impressed.

Many commented on how large the burger was, with one fan saying: "It's too bloody big."

Ramsay's burger includes three cuts of beef, apple butter, molasses, and Camembert cheese.

Gordon Ramsay shared a new burger recipe for the holiday weekend, but many of his fans are less than impressed with the dish.

Ramsay posted an Instagram video of his onion tatin apple-butter basted burger with melted Camembert on Friday, calling it the "perfect burger recipe for the long weekend."

"Apple-butter basted and a bun too, wow. this recipe is it!" his caption read.

But many of Ramsay's followers were too distracted by the size of the burger to notice any of the ingredients.

"Is that a delicious way to dislocate your jaw?" one quipped.

"It's too bloody big, Gordon!" another added.

"That's not a burger, it's a softball-sized meatloaf," one follower wrote. "What's wrong with a simple patty, salt and pepper, thrown on the grill like dad used to make?"

Other commenters pointed out that Ramsay has critiqued large burgers in the past, and seemed to be going against his own advice.

"I've seen you laugh at restaurants because of extremely large burgers," one commenter wrote. "Now you make this monstrosity."

"Not for nothing but didn't you complain about burgers being too big to fit in your mouth on an episode of 'Hell's Kitchen'? Then you make this monster? @gordongram come on man," another added.

Ramsay's burger features a lengthy ingredient list and a pretty complex cooking process.

The "MasterChef" star makes his own onion tatin buns, which include hard apple cider, molasses, red onion, puff pastry, and a Pink Lady apple.

Meanwhile, Ramsay's burger blend features three different cuts of beef (short rib, chuck, and sirloin), along with apple butter and Camembert cheese.

There are also nine steps in the recipe, including making the caramel for the onion tatin buns, rolling out and cutting the pastry sheet, forming the burger patties, and building the dish at the very end.

But this isn't the first time Ramsay has been roasted by his own followers.

Fans claimed that the Michelin-starred chef's gravy was far too thin when Ramsay showed them how to make his turkey wellington dish.

They also criticized Ramsay for serving a $106 burger at one of his London restaurants, which didn't come with fries.

Representatives for Ramsay did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Is this Best Burger Sauce Recipe the same thing as Thousand Island Dressing?

Pretty much! That’s something McDonald’s did right back in the day with the creation of their “special sauce.” That special sauce turned out to be very similar to Thousand Island Salad Dressing, and it turns out to be a delicious addition to hamburgers! I don’t keep Thousand Island Salad Dressing in my refrigerator, so it’s nice to have this recipe to whip it up for burgers when I’m grilling.

The Penguin was torn down several years ago to make room for a gas station conglomerate, but my Penguin Burgers’ special sauce recipe is a nod to what those burgers were all about.

The full recipe for the actual Penguin “Burgers” is in my cookbook, but I’m sharing the special sauce with you today so you can add it to your own burgers!

You may want to add the Best Burger Sauce to my Turkey Garden Burgers or these Blue Cheese Burgers. It’s such a great addition to a burger! And be sure to serve your burgers with either my Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad or my favorite All American Potato Salad.

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Delicious Hamburger Recipes

1. Low Carb Green Bean and Hamburger Casserole

If you are following a low-carb diet, then you’ll like this recipe. It is hamburger, green beans, mushrooms, onions, and celery all put together in a delicious homemade cream sauce.

So if you are looking for a delicious and comforting meal without all of the carbs, then consider giving this one a try.

2. Cheeseburger Burrito

Are you a fan of cheeseburgers? Do you like Mexican cuisine as well? If so, then you’ll definitely want to check out this recipe.

So you basically make a cheeseburger and then wrap it up in a burrito for a tasty meal that is easy to eat on the go as well.

3. The Ultimate Burger Dog

Are you someone that isn’t a great fan of hot dogs, but you still crave something that is grilled and delicious from time to time?

Then consider this unique dish where you stuff hamburger with cheese and shape it like a hot dog. When it is grilled to perfection, you place it on a hot dog bun with ketchup and mustard. What a treat!

4. Hamburger and Zucchini Skillet

This is another healthier option to make with hamburger. It has zucchini and lots of other different vegetables.

Then they are brought together over a bed of brown rice and hamburger. It is filling and quite tasty too.

5. Quesadilla Hamburger Recipes

When I was a little girl and we’d go out to eat, we’d eat at a restaurant that had these burgers. They were always my favorite.

But I love this recipe even more because it comes with a handy tutorial and easy to follow video that makes creating it that much easier.

6. Burger Bowls

This recipe was absolutely intriguing to me. You take your ground burger and make it into the shape of a bowl. The tutorial shows you an easy way to do this.

Then you stuff them with vegetables and cheese. Finally, you grill them to perfection. It is low carb and looks really good too.

7. Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

I’m personally a huge fan of egg rolls. I love the crunchiness of the outside and all of the delicious goodies tucked into the inside of them.

So when I saw this recipe that basically stuffs a hamburger inside of an egg roll, I knew I had to share. The recipe comes with a dipping sauce too.

8. Taco French Bread Pizza

This is a really great way to make a one-dish meal with your hamburger. You put things on the French bread like olives, tomatoes, and the meat with taco seasoning on it.

Then you bake until it is crisp and ready to eat. This appears to be a simple recipe that is equally delicious.

9. Loaded Potato Meatloaf Casserole

This is a really delicious and comforting dish. It is a comforting classic meatloaf that is then amped up a few notches.

Once the meatloaf is complete, you add mashed potatoes that are topped with cheese and bacon. It is literally a traditional meatloaf meal in one dish.

10. Greek Burgers with Spinach, Feta, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Would you like to have a delicious burger? But do you want a burger that is filled with more fresh ingredients that the burger you’d get at your local diner?

Then consider this recipe where the burger is topped with fresh spinach, feta cheese, and delicious sun-dried tomatoes.

11. Cabbage Rolls with Hamburger and Wild Rice

Do you like cabbage rolls? Are you looking for a more filling and healthy option than some other cabbage roll recipes?

Well, you may have just found it. This recipe stuffs the cabbage rolls with hamburger and wild rice, then tops it with a delicious sauce.

12. Slow Cooker Beef and Potato Au Gratin

I’m a fan of potatoes au gratin. I love the baked cheesy flavor that it creates. That is why this recipe is so delicious to me.

So you add some hamburger to your traditional potatoes au gratin for a well-rounded meal. But this recipe is even better because it allows you to do it all in a crockpot.

13. Taco Potatoes

Would you like a slightly healthier version of a taco instead of the traditional version? If so, then you’ll like this recipe.

So you’ll replace the taco shell with a potato. Then you stuff the potato with all of the normal ingredients of the taco. It looks filling and delicious.

14. Easy Cheesy Baked Ziti

I’m a foodie. If you’ve hung around the blog long, then you’ve probably had me pegged for this for a long time.

Well, it is no surprise that one of my favorite pasta dishes is baked ziti. So when I saw this recipe I knew it had to be shared.

15. Copycat White Castle Sliders

Sometimes we all just need a greasy, little White Castle burger. I don’t eat them often, but I will get a craving for one from time to time.

So it is good to know that this recipe will now allow me to make them myself when I have a craving. Then I won’t have to go wait in a drive-thru line.

16. French Onion Beef Casserole

Casseroles are a great way to feed a crowd or to have leftovers for a smaller crowd throughout the week. Which is why I am such a huge fan of them.

So when you have the option of making a flavorful beef and noodle casserole that is French onion flavored, it is a no-brainer.

17. Stuffed Pepper Soup

I like the idea of this soup so much because often times you want something warm and filling on a cold day.

But you don’t always want to go to all of the trouble of stuffing peppers. Instead, you can now make this deconstructed soup.

18. Sloppy Joe French Bread Pizza

This is another easy and complete meal that can all be made in one dish. You make your sloppy joe mix as you normally would.

Then you use it to top your French bread and bake it. It sounds like a delicious and filling meal.

19. Million Dollar Spaghetti

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of a spaghetti snob. I like to have lots of fresh ingredients in my spaghetti and lots of cheese too.

So when I saw this recipe, I thought lots of other people would enjoy it too since it is baked and cheesy.

20. Cheeseburger in Paradise

Are you a Jimmy Buffet fan? Truthfully, I’m not, but I could burst out in song any minute now because I’ve heard this song so many times over my life.

So when I found the recipe for the actual cheeseburger in paradise, I thought others might be interested in recreating it too.

21. Korean Ground Beef and Rice

I think often we get stuck in a rut of only American cuisine when we have ground beef sitting in our fridges.

Well, this Korean beef and rice recipe might help you to break the monotony of what you are doing with hamburger. This recipe is delicious and flavorful, and it would be great for a filling dish.

22. Hamburger Steak and Gravy

Oh my! How I love hamburger steak with onions and gravy. It is pretty simple to make and filling to boot.

But what sets this recipe on fire is the sautéed onions that are then covered and smothered in homemade brown gravy.

23. Hamburger Stew

Hamburger often finds its way into many comfort food recipes. This recipe is no exception.

So the next time you are craving stew, you’ll want to turn to this recipe since it is made with hamburger instead of other cuts of beef.

24. Cheeseburger Biscuit Cups

If you ever find yourself growing tired of the traditional cheeseburger, then you’ll want to consider this recipe.

So you’ll take ground beef and stuff them into biscuits. Then you’ll cover them with cheese and bake.

25. Lasagna Soup

This is another recipe that takes something that can be pretty intensive to make and deconstructs it into an easy comfort food recipe.

So the next time you are craving a delicious lasagna, then consider making this recipe in its place. It’s delicious!

26. Old Fashioned Goulash

Are you a goulash fan? If so, then this recipe is very old and could be right up your alley. It has macaroni, ground beef, tomatoes, adobo seasoning, and Italian seasoning too.

Then it is finished off with a healthy helping of two different kinds of cheeses. Talk about a warm and delicious meal.

27. Taco Spaghetti

Who says that spaghetti has to be strictly Italian? Well, if you thought it had to be, be prepared to have your mind blown by this recipe.

So you prepare your spaghetti, but turn your beef into taco meat. From there, you top with tomatoes and cheese for a different flavorful experience.

28. Mexican Cornbread Casserole

I love to have Mexican cornbread. When I realized it could be made into a casserole, I was very interested.

So you put beef, corn, jalapenos, and cheese on the bottom of the casserole. Then bake the cornbread over top for a delicious experience.

29. One Skillet Mexican Beef and Rice

I love making Mexican cuisine at my house. The reason is that the ingredients are usually less expensive, and it is fast and delicious too.

So when I saw these hamburger recipes that brought Mexican flavor in a skillet casserole with beef and rice, I knew it was something my family would enjoy.

30. Bacon Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole

Tater tot casserole is probably one of the oldest, frugal recipes that I can think of. But this one offers a traditional and frugal dish with a twist.

So you make the traditional tater tot casserole with cheese soup and beef, but you also add bacon bits and sour cream for some additional flavor.

31. Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese

This grilled cheese is a brilliant creation. You make your traditional sloppy joe mix, then add it to two slices of bread.

Then you’ll put sliced cheese between the two slices of bread as well. From there you grill it to perfection.

32. Bacon Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes

This is another brilliant sloppy joe creation. You make your traditional sloppy joe filling that goes between two buns.

But you are also going to add slices of cheese and bacon to your sandwiches too. What a delicious meal this would make!

33. Doritos Taco Salad

If you want a salad to utilize your hamburger, then you’ll want to tune in on this recipe. You make a traditional style salad with taco beef.

But for an added twist, you crunch up Doritos and add them to the mix. It is a flavorful addition that will give you that added crunch as well.

34. One Pan Hamburger Gravy

Oh boy! Do you have gravy lovers in your home, like I do in mine? I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge fan of gravy.

But I knew once I saw this recipe I’d have to try it because my husband and kids love gravy so much. Who knew you could turn hamburger into a gravy, right?

35. Ground Beef Stroganoff

Growing up, we ate a lot of beef stroganoff. I hadn’t really considered using ground beef to create this dish though.

But this recipe helps you to make a delicious sauce to cover your noodles. The meal is topped off with ground beef and fresh mushrooms.

36. Brown Sugar Meatloaf Hamburger Recipes

I love meatloaf. As a little girl, I used to call it “beef loaf.” Obviously, it has been a personal favorite for most of my life.

So when I saw this recipe for a meatloaf that had brown sugar involved to give it a sweeter flavor, I knew it had to be shared.

37. Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes Hamburger Recipes

I am a huge fan of sloppy joes. There is something about piling flavored burger onto a bun with a few extra toppings that just makes me happy.

So when I realized you could make a Philly cheesesteak rendition of a sloppy joe, I obviously became very interested.

38. Hamburger Potato Casserole

If you are short on money but need a recipe that involves inexpensive ingredients and can feed a crowd, then you’ll want to check this one out.

Basically, this recipe calls for some ground beef, potatoes, cream of mushroom soup, milk, and some shredded cheese. All of that together is a pretty tasty combination.

39. Cheese and Hashbrown Hamburger Casserole

This is another inexpensive and simple casserole that can be put together rather easily and used to feed quite a few.

So if you have some hashbrowns, ground beef, milk, cheese, and cream of mushroom soup on hand, then you could have a delicious casserole in no time.

40. Crunch Wrap Supreme Hamburger Recipes

This crunch wrap idea is actually a really easy and delicious one. You stuff a couple of tortillas and grill them into place.

So if you’d like something that you can take with you on the go, then you should check out this recipe.

41. Cheesy Hamburger Casserole

I am a huge fan of hamburger casserole. It has lots of familiar flavors like ground beef and lots of gooey and tasty cheese.

But I also love how easy it is to throw together. Follow this simple recipe, and you might find your new, favorite ground beef casserole dish.

Well, now you have over 40 different hamburger recipes that are sure to give you plenty of ideas the next time you are staring at ground beef in your fridge.

About Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fungi, and they get their energy by breaking down and eat dead organic matter, but they are nutritious and delicious, as long as you don't think about the fungi business. They are low in fat and calories, with a pound having about 125 calories, but high in protein content. That's why they're so often used in veggie burgers or other dishes for a meaty flavor and protein boost but are fine on the vegetarian menu or for anyone who wants to keep an eye on red meat consumption.

The One Secret Ingredient Bobby Flay Uses to Make Perfect Burgers

Bobby Flay posing with Burger 101, as seen on Food Network Kitchen Live.

Related To:

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There are burgers and then there are Bobby Flay burgers.

As any hardcore Bobby fan knows, when you watch him make a burger, his enthusiasm is completely contagious. That's because the one true burger king genuinely loves to teach people his tips and tricks.

"Whenever I make burgers, it makes me very, very happy," he says in his Burger 101 class on the Food Network Kitchen app.

Lucky for us, Bobby shared all of his best tips for how to make perfect burgers, plus the one super surprising ingredient that's the secret to success. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn — watch the class for even more burger know-how.

1. Form your patties gently.

"You don't want to spend a lot of time shaping your burger," Bobby says. "Basically, you want to get the burger shaped until it just holds together, so that when you eat it you can sort of see the granular pieces of the beef running through it. Otherwise, it gets like meat loaf and I don’t want that."

He prefers to make each patty with 5 1/2 to 6 ounces of meat so the burger has the best mouthfeel when you take a bite.

2. Press a divot into each patty with your thumb.

"When a burger [without a well] cooks, it plumps up like a football," Bobby says. "But when I put a well in the burger, it kind of looks like a funny shape, but it plumps back up to the original shape that you want the burger to be in."

3. Use a flat cooking surface.

If you're cooking burgers indoors, skip the grill pan and go with a stovetop griddle, heavy cast-iron pan or large skillet that hold its heat well.

Best Burger Seasoning Recipe

Making burger seasoning is quick and easy when you have the right ingredients. Not all seasoning taste the same and this combination makes the best burger seasoning you’ll ever taste.


4 teaspoons of Sweet Paprika

4 teaspoons Smoked Paprika

8 teaspoons fine ground black pepper

1 tablespoon of kosher salt

1 teaspoon Garlic Granules

1 teaspoon dried Onion Powder

A large pinch of Cayenne Pepper


  • Take a medium-sized bowl. Add all of the ingredients to the bowl and mix well until you have a uniform powder.
  • For burgers, the correct proportion is a teaspoon of burger seasoning for every four burgers. You can add a little more for a stronger taste. If you find that the flavor isn’t strong enough after cooking, you can add a pinch as a seasoning, just as you would with salt and pepper.
  • For grilling other meats, use a similar quantity as you would if seasoning the meat with plain old salt and pepper.


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If you love burgers on actual buns I have a bunch of those too! These Grilled Chicken Zaatar Burgers are good as are these Beef, Portobello and Swiss Cheese Burgers. You can also go veggie with these Black bean burgers or these Southwest bean burgers.

Thanks so much for reading. If you make this recipe, please come back and leave a star rating and review.