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9 Tips for Creating a Tailgating Tablescape

9 Tips for Creating a Tailgating Tablescape

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Ideas that will wow the rival team

Just a few more weeks until college football begins!

As summer winds down, football season begins to ramp up. College football rivalries are particularly intense — so why not take the pregame party just as seriously? Impress the opposing team with a tailgating tablescape that hardly looks as though it was meant for the stadium parking lot.

Because tailgating requires traveling to the stadium, it’s important to keep your party portable. These tablescape props are easy to carry and fit into your car, and many of them do double duty: for example, a woolen blanket makes a both festive tablecloth and a warm wrap for the game itself.

All you need to get started are a card table or the flat trunk of a car or truck. Transform the space by adding a covering — that woolen blanket or a big piece of brown butcher paper. Then, treat the space as you would a party buffet. Add decorations like pennant flags or seasonal flowers (or both) in your team’s colors.

Instead of sticking strictly to paper goods, incorporate real pieces — like baskets, cake stands, and wooden cutting boards — for a comfortable, upscale feel that won’t require much more cleanup work. Paper plates are still the best option for ease of cleanup before racing off to watch the game.

Serve fun finger foods — like whoopie pies, thermoses of soup or chili, biscuits, baked potatoes, and caramel corn — that will be OK sitting outside while you tailgate and in the car while you watch the game. Make them easy to eat and transport so that you can carry them into the stadium with you.

And don’t forget something to drink! A galvanized metal tub filled with ice will keep soda, beer, and water cold, but if it's an early game, everyone will really be looking forward to a Bloody Mary bar. Set out the ingredients on a tray and let everyone help themselves.

How to Create a Tablescape

Early Fall Tablescape

I’ve shared many tablescapes over the years for different seasons , but I realized that I’ve never shared the steps I take to create one!

Tailgating with the Girls includes a Mimosa Bar!

  • When you’re tailgating for a football game, sometimes you have to get started pretty early because of game time. Michelle Sparkling Wine is our drink of choice because you can pour the Brut over a variety of juices for the perfect brunch cocktail. I like to provide different flavors like mango, peach, pear, or apricot. They’re less acidic than orange juice, and you can find these fruit nectars in the international aisle of the grocery store.
  • Also serve Michelle Extra Dry, and Brut Rosé for variety. The Brut Rosé is great on it’s own as it’s slightly sweet, while the Extra Dry can be mixed with juice or enjoyed alone Brut Rosé, but not as dry as the Brut> .
  • A collapsible tray table is a great piece to use as a bar. It travels easily and is just the right size to hold glasses, and a few bottles. Keep extra bottles on ice in a small ice bucket.
  • The juices are identified with diy bottle necklaces. As an alternative, you could just tie on a paper tag with ribbon.

Steeplechase Tailgating!

Horse races are so much fun! The day is filled with galloping horses, new Spring dresses, and good friends. But truly it’s a big old Southern tailgating party complete with savory dishes, delicious sweets, and drinks!

Today I’m sharing our Race Day Menu!

Cindy’s Chicken Salad recipe is always a hit!

Yes, there is a real live Cindy. She is one of my dearest friends and I love her forever for sharing this 5 ingredient chicken salad recipe with me. I promise to share it with you soon! Click here for the recipe for Cindy’s Chicken Salad!

Cheddar Pecan Cheese Ring with Strawberry Preserves is served with a variety of crackers. Allowing the cheese ring come to room temperature before serving will make this appetizer easy to spread.

The party wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of sweets.

Cherry Fluff with gingersnap cookies it my favorite Race Day treat.

But Honey loves my cake balls!

No, the cake balls aren’t chocolate like the menu promised. These are butter cake balls with vanilla almond bark covering them. Our friends fight over them they are so good!

Oh! We can’t forget the drink of the day! Spiked Peach Tea from The Blond Cook. The two cups of peach nectar gives it sweetness and the whiskey kicks it up a notch!

These dishes were just a small amount of the food we enjoyed while we watched the horses race. It was a warm and wonderful day spent with good friends. I can’t wait to share pictures of the races with you!

Your comments totally make my day! They give me huge motivation to keep creating and having fun with my 3 Little Greenwoods!

Easy Soccer Tablescape

You can create a classy soccer tablescape with just a little bit of imagination and inspiration. I took inspiration from a soccer field. When I thought about the things I would see at a soccer game, the green of the grass, and the white and black of the soccer ball immediately came to mind. I decided to go that route and create an Easy Soccer Tablescape using the colors of those elements.

As I was walking through Target, I looked for ALL THE THINGS green, white, or black. I was a little lenient and as long as it closely resembled any of the three colors, I purchased it.

Since food and snacks are a large part of any party, I stocked up on everything I could find in these color hues.

I’m sure everyone in Target must have thought that I feed my kids ALL THE SUGAR. My basket was filled with green, white, and black everything!

From black & white striped straws, to black & white striped bags for take home treats, to black & white Pocky sticks, I had a blast searching out things that would fit my soccer themed tablescape.

I’m in love with this soccer themed tablescape. It was so EASY to create and I love the different textures, patterns, and shapes. I know everyone is going to love snacking while watching the All Star Game.

Styling A Spring Garden Tablescape

With the arrival of spring comes a certain feeling of newness. The leaves on the trees begin to bud, the flowers start to peek up out of the ground, and the birds return from their winter travels.

It is one of the seasons I look forward to the most.

Spring reminds me how much I enjoy the changing seasons and how blessed I am to live in a place where I get to experience them.

The start of spring also means that gardening season is just around the corner. Recently, I shared a DIY tutorial for how to give your flower pots an aged stone look.

That DIY sparked an idea and became the inspiration for this month’s supper club theme.

Today I am sharing how I created my table, as well as some simple tips for how to style a spring tablescape in your home using inspiration from the garden.

How To Set The Table

When it came to styling my garden tablescape, I kept the decor mostly neutral with just a hint of color in the form of some spring greenery.

For the place setting, I started by creating layers using some of my go-to basics like woven charger plates and my favorite beaded white plates.

I love using neutral pieces like these to style my tables whenever possible because they are so versatile. In fact, you might have noticed that I used the same chargers and plates to decorate this year’s Easter table.

Then I added a few simple spring touches, like these galvanized napkin rings. They remind me of a rusty, aged watering can. Like the kind that you might find in an old barn or potting shed.

Next, I wrapped the silverware in another napkin, tied it with some twine, and added a small spring of greenery. I love the color and the detail that the greenery adds to the table, don’t you?

To add the greenery, I used a floral pick from the craft store. I was able to do all four place settings with just one pick. It was a quick and easy way to make the napkins look customized without spending a lot of money to do it.

To finish the place setting I added a packet of seeds on each plate. Nothing says gardening like fresh flowers and herbs, right? My youngest daughter, Harper, helped me pick out the seed packets. I plan to use them for another project in the near future – a DIY herb garden! (Of course, that is assuming all goes well and the herbs grow…Stay tuned for more on that later this spring.)

Tips For Creating A Spring Garden Centerpiece

I created my spring garden centerpiece using items I already had on hand, including this old wooden crate and some flower pots that I found mixed in with my gardening supplies.

I shared the unique story behind this crate during my spring home tour. It has a special meaning to me, and I am so happy I found a way to display it as a part of the styling for my spring garden tablescape.

To bring some of the outside in, I added some Spanish moss to the crate and nestled my DIY planter in the center along with a few clay pots.

It wouldn’t be spring (or a garden) without some bunnies! To finish my centerpiece I added a few of my favorites from Pottery Barn.

I love to use these little bunnies throughout my home all spring. Aren’t they the cutest? I think I may need to get a few more for next year!

Styling A Spring Garden Tablescape

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you enjoyed reading my tips for styling a spring garden tablescape and that you feel inspired to create your own garden-themed table. It is perfect for all of your spring celebrations, like Easter and Mother’s Day. If you would like to recreate this look, you can shop the post below. I have linked everything for you that I used. Just click on each image to shop for the item.

More Spring Tablescape Inspiration

There’s still more spring inspiration to see! Next, visit Michele at Vintage Home Designs to see how she styled her spring table, and be sure to check out all of the tablescapes linked below.

DO coordinate your menu with your friends so you don’t have three mac n’ cheeses, and no pies! For the “cooking challenged” we assign dinner rolls, an easy appetizer, or wine.

Here are some of my favorite holiday and Thanksgiving recipes you can make and take.

Summer Tablescape Ideas

Our family enjoys lazy evenings on the porch, after a family meal outdoors. Weekends are filled with friends and family, hanging out and having fun. Part of all of the fun, is setting an inviting summer table. It is a perfect way to set the mood and celebrate this time of year. It also makes a simple family meal feel extra special and helps to spark some fun conversations with our kids.

Whether it is a theme, occasion, or just simply beautiful, we are going to share some summer tablescape ideas for inspiration and tips for you to set a summer table for entertaining! And it really is not as hard as you may think, you can even shop your house to create some fun themed ideas for the summer.

What says summer more than the beach and a coastal theme? This Summer Beach Tablescape is created using natural elements and a pop of color. Try mixing burlap, seashells, and wood elements to create this soothing look. The pop of turquoise in the Wooden Candlesticks, brings in an element of the ocean, right to your table.

Red,white, and blue….summer classics! Whether it is Memorial Day or Fourth of July, these classic colors are a summer icon. Inexpensive bandanas in red and blue invite your guests in, and instantly add a laid back, casual feel to your table. This Summer Bandana Tablescape can go with anything from hamburgers to steak. Add a few pops of red flowers, and the table is complete.

Sometimes, setting a summer table is all about simplicity. This outdoor picnic table is the perfect setting for a Wine Bottle Centerpiece. Mix shapes, heights, even colors to add interest. Place seasonal flowers < even from the grocery store >in each and on a rustic burlap runner. A perfect evening with friends under the stars.

Flowers…they scream summer, right? Small clippings from your garden can make the perfect table decor. This gorgeous Summer Table Setting incorporates elements from the garden, including little galvanized pails at each place setting. A perfect way to have a family dinner on the porch.

Setting a Summer Table can feel a bit overwhelming but relax…cause isn’t that what summer is about? Just use what inspires you to think about summer….flowers, colors, textures, and memories!

Looking for a few summer recipes for the meal? We have some delish ones. Like these…

Perfect for summer meals, this Grilled Corn Recipe is sure to be a hit and take the heat of the cooktop outside!

Don’t want to spend the summer cooking all day? Yep, me neither! This recipe for Honey Barbecue Chicken is cooked in the good ole slow cooker!

Want a dessert that your family and friends will request over and over? This simple recipe for Peach Cobbler is a family favorite in our home! Yummo!

Tailgating 101

Last year we shared all of our favorite tips and tricks for hosting the perfect game watching party from the comfort of your home – but what if you want to take your party on the road with you and enjoy a game day tailgate?!

Tailgates are always my favorite way to get in the spirit and enjoy a fun-filled day of football! But if you’re the host, they also come with a long list of to do’s and quite a bit more preparation. To help ease the stress a bit, we’ve put together the x’s and o’s of how to throw the perfect tailgate!

  1. Arrival Time: Your arrival time will depend on how die hard your group is, but I have found that most fans start arriving around 3 hours before the game starts. Therefore, you should plan on getting to your tailgate spot around 4-5 hours before kick-off. That way, you will have plenty of time to set-up and cook before your friends start showing up.
  1. Supplies: Always keep a toolbox in the back of your car with tailgating essentials such as jumper cables, spatulas, bottle openers, tongs, extra silverware, flashlights, can openers, trash bags, paper towels, hand sanitizer, duct tape, etc. If you’re really serious, consider bringing a generator for your car and a grill! And don’t forget plenty of coolers to chill your food and beer.
  1. Food Prep: Prepare all ingredients the night before. This will make your day of prep and cooking much easier! For example, if you’re serving burgers, shape and pack the burger patties between sheets of wax paper and slice up the condiments and toppings in advance!

Now for the fun part! Decor and food!

  1. Setup: For the perfect display, convert the back of your car or truck bed into a DIY serving station for your guests! This will make your tailgate more interactive and will minimize the work for you. I love the idea of a hot dog or burger bar, so fellow fans can dress their dish however they prefer.
  1. Decor: Class up your tailgate with a few special touches! Consider adding a touchdown paper table runner as an easy way to spoof up your tables. Then add banners, flags, decorative napkins and straws, serving trays, and koozies in your team’s colors to create a game winning display! Check out our favorite festive details from our recent tailgate here!
  1. Food: When it comes to tailgating food, easy is the name of the game! I keep my menu to anything that can be made on a grill out of our trunk (burgers, hotdogs, and BBQ sliders) or anything that does not need to be heated or refrigerated for a long time (think chips, sliced veggies, dips, fruit kabobs, nachos, jalapeno poppers, puppy chow, seasoned popcorn, cupcakes,chocolate covered pretzels, etc.).
  1. Drinks: Beer is an absolute staple at tailgates, but consider serving a signature cocktail in your school’s color as well! For a cute and easy decorative tip, I love adding washi tape to mason jars in the shape of football strings for each guest’s beverage.
  1. Seating: Don’t forget to pull out some foldable chairs so your guests have somewhere to relax and enjoy the company and game!

9. Most importantly! Introduce yourself to your neighbors, share a few drinks, and enjoy!

Setting the Table with Style – Tablescape Decor Tips!

I’ve mentioned before that I love geometric patterns…. my latest pattern obsession is Greek Key.

I love how these plates are gorgeous together or by themselves.

Mix them with white plates for another beautiful look!

Look at the gorgeous plate rim details!

Chain links, hexagons, Greek Key and all kinds of geometric pattern goodness! Isn’t it gorgeous.

I love the platinum pattern on the white background! Who doesn’t love platinum?

I love the pretty band of trellis pattern too:

…even the coffee cups are adorned!

This pattern is timeless and classic! It will never go out of style.

It’s also a gorgeous gift idea too!

Having a set of white dishes and a set of this Calista pattern will give you so many options for everyday and entertaining.

Spring Table Tip 6: Set the table the night before your event with everything that isn’t live or fresh.

It can be stressful to host a meal, prepare food, and worry about setting a beautiful table all in the same day. Ease your stress by setting the table at least the night before. I then typically add flowers or fresh elements the day of the event to ensure they stay looking their best.

Watch the video: COLORFUL SUMMER TABLESCAPE. SUMMER TABLESCAPE. Moroccan Inspired Tablescape (August 2022).